Welcome to Gråbo - the Home of real bbq


This year the Shack will shut down on November 13 - Fathers Day here in sweden. After that we are shut down for a few weeks until we open up for our christmas things! If you want to book a traditional Swedish Christmastable Buffé you can contact us and we can help out with that! The normal booking page is in our swedish version of the website. 


The Brisket Town, aka Gråbo and Mugwort´s was awarded the Travelers Choise by Tripadvisor and this is something we´re really proud of! Most people dont really understand the concept of Barbecue. But those who do! They are really excited and this shows in our reviews! Try us out! 

We also cater

We do all kinds of catering and we also have Foodtrucks for events. There are many options and alternatives and there are no fiexd 

Vi serverar Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, pork och äkta American BBQ i Gråbo strax utanför Göteborg. Allt görs på riktigt och vill man ha true american feeling så kan man besöka vårt smokehouse för ett rejält lass med käk