FAQ & Info

Here´s a list of FAQ´s that we get most of the time

Q Do you make Burgers?
 Nope! We make brisket and Barbecue. Burgers, sometimes, yea for sure, but mainly we dont

Q: We are outside and its not open, it should be open!
Sometimes apps and webbsites say wrong things! Don't trust all you read online unless it's from our website, facebook or Instagram.. 

Q When are you open?
A: Check the menu, Opening Hours! Thats quite accurate

Q: Can i see a menu?
 Nope, we work with a living menu, normally there are 3-7 kinds of meat, brisket, ribs and sausages, then we make sides and other stuff. Our instagram will show you in the Stories the menu for the day.  

Q: Can we like sit and eat?
 Yeah, it´s like a restaurant

Q: Can we make a reservation?
 Sure thing, during the cold and dark times you can do so, send a mail to Mrs Mugwort, Sanna, sanna@mugwortbbq.se and then its done! Remember, we still might sell out  so we dont make any promises!

Q: Can i bring my dog?
A: Yes! 

Q: Is the meat Halal?

Q: Gluten Free food? Can you handle?

Q: I like to change the things on the sandwich or burger, add this and remove the pickle possible?
A: Nope! No specials, but sometimes we do, however we dont charge you for this and we also dont promise we can handle your special order. That's why we do it for free

Q: My boyfriend is a vegeterian, can he join?
 Respect all, and sure! He or she who choose not to eat meat can get something good at the Shack! Always!